So it's been HOT HOT HOT this past week! It finally cooled down a bit, but that wave was only the first of many to come for the rest of the season. I would like to take a minute to just put a little reminder out there: PLEASE STAY HYDRATED!


Hydration is really important. In many of our classes, our strength work doubles as cardio and we lose a lot more water (and calories) in the short 60 minutes! Avoid feeling dizzy, faint and under the weather (dehydrated) by drinking water all day long. •When it's hotter, were sweating more and losing more water in our normal daily activities. •Start drinking water from the time you get up in the morning until class time, and then thereafter. •Be consistent about it- you may feel like you're drinking a lot of water, but you're also losing a lot of water.

We've never sold water bottles before, but due to the upcoming summer heat we are planning to keep water bottles stocked for those of you that will need at both our Old City and Fairmount locations. $1 each.

A.C.T. : Work Out for Disaster Relief

I'm sure everyone's heard and seen the news regarding the tornadoes in Oklahoma. These kinds of natural disasters are inevitable, uncontrollable, and unpredictable. In less than an hour, so many people's homes were destroyed and they were left with nothing. These people need our help.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" -Helen Keller

A.C.T. stands for allongée™ Community Together. I've been itching to start a non-profit community organization for quite some time now, and the time is now.

Oklahoma Relief

For many of us, our support systems are the most enabling relationships we have in our lives. I'm amazed at the inclusive quality that all of you ladies employ in our bodyLOGIC/allongee program.

That's why I am calling you all together and asking you to invite your friends and family from near and far for our outdoor workout (weather permitting; if not, class will be held indoors) as a tribute to the victims and survivors of this unfortunate natural disaster.

Reserve here ($22), or drop-in to class on June 1st and donate ANY amount. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the relief effort in Oklahoma.


Some of you may have noticed already that the May Schedule has been updated through the rest of the month :)

Thank you for your patience- this was my final full week of school and it's been a bit of a crazy (and fabulous)  final semester. This is by far the LATEST I have ever been with the schedule release. My apologies! On a fairer note, it is definitely the BEST schedule we've offered yet!

We've got Thursday evenings back in Old City, 7:15PM. We've got a 5:45PM class in Fairmount-finally an earlier class time! :D Our Outdoor class is back in Old City  in following weeks on Sundays at 9:30am. We'll also have a TUES/WED 6am in Old City with additional pop ups by your request. The 6am pop up in Fairmount on Fridays has been fun- it's staying on the schedule after next week (see blog on Monday). This month, we're trying to focus on armsyLOGIC, bikiniLOGIC, and skinnyLOGIC to get you ladies in the best shape you've ever been in before bikini season even begins!

Even more FUN... Our 30 Days to Bikini Monthly Unlimited is fabulous, allowing you to take advantage of our BEST schedule yet at just $99 for 30 days!

Happy Workout! :)


30 Days to Bikini Monthly Unlimited: 30 days Unlimited, $99. Available from 3/3-3/12. Limit One per person.

Photog: J. Woodruff, 2011 of E. Reisenwitz (bodyLOGIC client, looking FABULOUS of course)

Another one for the Early Birds!

Another 6am this Friday, but this week were in FAIRMOUNT! That's right, our first ever 6am class at our Fairmount Studios is happening this Friday!


Many of you have been asking us for quite some time now for some early Fairmount classes and its time to try these out!

Register for our 6am pop up class in Fairmount this Friday!