Beautiful Brides: Sweating for the Wedding

Check out our beautiful bride Chelsea below on her wedding day!

Chelsea started her journey to #getallongee in December 2016.

She describes her time in the studio as challenging but always enjoyable. She says:

"Being that I was getting married in August, I knew I wanted to look and feel my best. The allongée technique and classes definitely gave me the opportunity to feel confident  and strong." 


Chelsea credits her success at the studio to the different types of classes offered at the studio that equally focus on target training/cardio - always providing variety to the workout regimen in addition to the wide range of class times offered, making it possible to get into classes daily even with an irregular schedule. 

One of her biggest motivators were our class instructors who Chelsea says are always positive and encouraging, pushing her to maximize her time at the studio every minute! 


"I am so happy to state that on my special day, I felt fit, healthy, and beautiful, and I want to thank the teachers and Allongee studio for giving me this opportunity and helping me to reach my fitness goals!"


Thank you for trusting us at allongée with your wedding transformation, Chelsea! We are so glad you enjoyed your journey.


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bodyLOGIC Bride: Cassie


I took my first bodyLOGIC class in the fall of 2011. As an athlete and former ballet dancer, I was amazed at how bodyLOGIC  workouts completely changed my body for the better. Each session gave me a cardio and muscle-toning workout, but it also improved my posture and flexibility. It reminded me of how my body felt when I used to dance.

So with my wedding day approaching this past September, I knew exactly where to go to get in serious shape for MY big day. I knew I wanted a full body workout, but I also wanted to really focus on toning my arms. All I had to do was tell Jillian. She created specific exercises for me and made sure I got the most out of each group session. Believe me, bodyLOGIC sessions will kick your butt! But the more and more I pushed myself, the more results I saw.

Every bride wants to look as beautiful as possible on her wedding day. But, beyond the hair and makeup is a body that needs to fit itself into a beautiful wedding gown. I am so happy I chose bodyLOGIC as my pre-wedding exercise program and I would recommend it to every soon-to-be bride.


-Cassandra Kramer married CBS-3 news reporter Oren Liebermann in September 2012. Photos by Rhinehart Photography.


First of all, you look BEAUTIFUL, Cassie! Hair, makeup, posture, you are a bodyLOGIC Bride for sure! And thank YOU for your request on an arms class! It's because of you that I created our signature armsyLOGIC ™ BarreBand sequences™! I'm so glad that you found exactly what you were looking for with us!

Congratulations to you and Oren, and Happy New(lywed) Year!