REPOST: skinnyLOGIC: This week's challenge

So many of you rave about this skinnyLOGIC class, and I completely understand. It's a fabulous class.

I've had to be careful lately about the info I'm putting out there, and I apologize for that. It's quite the compliment, really. In the short time we've been offering these classes, we've had a lot of interest from the outside. Luckily, much of this interest has been for the better, but of course there has been some conflict of interest as well...

All of this really just reminds me that what we're doing here truly is fabulous!


skinnyLOGIC is one of these classes that is really special on many levels. It is  a really awesome pre-Bikini season class-  those of you that take this class every week already know how it whips your butt into serious shape!

I'm challenging those of you who purposefully avoid this class (maybe the picture above on it's own is intimidating enough-haha!) to get into a skinnyLOGIC class this week.

It's a difficult class, yes. But the benefits of it are so much more rewarding. I swear!

Additionally, skinnyLOGIC has taken over the schedule! Tonight in Old City at 7:15PM, Tuesday at 6:00AM, and Friday at 6:00AM- you have no excuse!


Some of you may have noticed already that the May Schedule has been updated through the rest of the month :)

Thank you for your patience- this was my final full week of school and it's been a bit of a crazy (and fabulous)  final semester. This is by far the LATEST I have ever been with the schedule release. My apologies! On a fairer note, it is definitely the BEST schedule we've offered yet!

We've got Thursday evenings back in Old City, 7:15PM. We've got a 5:45PM class in Fairmount-finally an earlier class time! :D Our Outdoor class is back in Old City  in following weeks on Sundays at 9:30am. We'll also have a TUES/WED 6am in Old City with additional pop ups by your request. The 6am pop up in Fairmount on Fridays has been fun- it's staying on the schedule after next week (see blog on Monday). This month, we're trying to focus on armsyLOGIC, bikiniLOGIC, and skinnyLOGIC to get you ladies in the best shape you've ever been in before bikini season even begins!

Even more FUN... Our 30 Days to Bikini Monthly Unlimited is fabulous, allowing you to take advantage of our BEST schedule yet at just $99 for 30 days!

Happy Workout! :)


30 Days to Bikini Monthly Unlimited: 30 days Unlimited, $99. Available from 3/3-3/12. Limit One per person.

Photog: J. Woodruff, 2011 of E. Reisenwitz (bodyLOGIC client, looking FABULOUS of course)


So many of you have been asking me about this new skinnyLOGIC class. It's debuting TONIGHT and I am so excited! Despite the fact that skinnyLOGIC was inspired by the Runner's Workshop, this class was created and intended for EVERYONE. It's just focusing much more on the length, rather than on the parallel power. It's a huge kick of cardio endurance. It's very hard to plateau in this program (I'm still getting stronger & fitter, no lies!), but for those of you that have hit one, I think this class will help.

Benefits such as: muscle-length focused mat work, to ensure that we're sculpting as long and lean as possible, our signature skinnyLOGIC Cardio Phrasework which is also muscle length focused in addition to weight bearing to improve muscle density (osteoporosis prevention, ladies!) , and our original skinnyLOGIC CardioBarre work utilizing our CardioBarreBand System. As always class is first and foremost focused on individual form and technique- we're always working for sustainability.

We've got weights on our wrists as well as ankles (it looks more intimidating than it is, your body adjusts to the extra two pounds per limb), and our mat work is much more length and cardio warmup focused. The ultimate goal is to keep the weights on for the whole class. The remainder of the class will be center cardio focused with much more NEW length-focused cardio work. We're planning to add more skinnyLOGIC class times in the coming months, so feel free to request them via our bodyLOGIC monthly survey (join our email list to receive our monthly newsletter). skinnyLOGIC may seem super intimidating, but as Advanced students, you all know that Fallon and I do a great job of pushing you guys through class, and every class OPEN or ADVANCED is a challenge.

Sometimes, we're a little crazy- I can't lie. Our whole LOGIC is pretty crazy... that's ironic; We may just need a name change!

More blogs coming soon!

xo Jillian