bodyLOGIC for your Who-Ha!

Yes, for your who-ha!Maybe this isn't our most favorite subject to put on the table, but were all women, so let's just get it out there.

Yes, bodyLOGIC can do great things... down south. The contraction we use is unique and of its own and requires that you activate the entire abdominal region from pubic bone to belly button in collaboration with the glutes and pelvic floor. This is your strongest and most efficient way to engage the abdominal region and helps to enforce these muscles to work with strength and technique during our barre, band and cardio phrases. This is why every part of our workouts involves intense core work.

In addition to building your strongest and most supportive abdominal muscles, there are many other advantages to using your abs like this for an hour a day.


Benefits of Kegel Exercises


Above Photo: K. Ryan & E. Reisenwitz via A. Stockwell