Fall Challenge Winner & Black Friday FUN!

Hey Ladies! Congratulataions our very first ever Fall Challenge winner, Giacinta Aspite.  Congratulations to you, Giacinta! Your hard work paid off big time and you definitely deserve it!

Giacinta wins a FREE monthly unlimited for next month!

Happy Black Friday! We have some awesome FLASH sales that will be available through tomorrow afternooon ONLY. We have a Monthly Unlimited for $99, and a 9 Class Package for $125. These are FABULOUS deals that you won't want to miss!



bodyLOGIC Fall Challenge!

Some of you jumped right on the ball with this, which is awesome! The Fall Challenge is a great way to better your health and wellness while being rewarded for having FUN! :D

The official deadline to begin participation in this year's Fall Challenge is this Friday, October 19th. We're offering rewards for good attendace, and even a chance to win a FREE Monthly Unlimited! Here's how it works:

* Get working toward a better YOU! Get into classes FOUR times per week or more for four consecutive weeks and receive 25% off your next class package!

*Get into classes THREE times per week for four consecutive weeks and receive 15% off your next class package!

*Get into classes TWO times per week for four consecutive weeks and receive 10% off your next class package!

*ALL Fall Challengers are entered into the drawing for  a FREE Monthly Unlimited!

(winner will be announced the week of 11/19)

Email us at bodylogicinfo@gmail.com for more information! :)

Another one the Early Birds!

So where have I been?! SICK! Not really sick, but the season change happened fast as ever, and my allergies are so not happy about it! So I know Monday night and Tuesday morning were cancelled because of this, and while it didn't effect many of you, I wanted to add something...

I know that some of you think "I could never get up at 6AM and WORK OUT!!", I swear you can. I actually used to say it too. Those of you that have been with me since our open and have requested early mornings back in NoLibs, I believe my answer was literally "NO WAY!". And now, the 6AM's are actually my FAVORITE classes!Truth be told, half of our 6AM crowd began these early classes denying their early morning abilities.

While some of you may find it's not for you, I know that a handful of you will find it both refreshing and energizing to wake up, work out, and then go to work! If you're not usually an Early Bird, why not try it? We've got a Friday morning too!

Our Wednesday 8:00PM PowerHOUR class will begin next week also.

And our Fall Challenge deadline to begin is October 18th! Email us: bodylogicinfo@gmail.com for more info & a chance to be entered into the drawing for a FREE Monthly Unlimited!


Long time, no blog. I'm officially NOT a natural blogger (in case you couldn't tell already!), and dance has been eating my life away. I have so many classes to take and teach, I have absolutely NO down time-- AHH! I love every minute of it though, and would not have it any other way :)

It's nice to be back. I had to get the schedules for October out to you guys, but I am hoping to continue making more FUN blog posts as the month goes on (I'm not planning another disappearing act!).

Speaking of the October schedule-- it is AWESOME! There are some really great changes I'm super excited about- All of which were suggestions from our SURVEY that was sent out to our email base. If you haven't taken it yet, please do so!

Were taking a small break at Rittenhouse for the next month or so- I think it will be good (mostly for you guys) for us to be able to build some solid schedules focusing on Old City and Fairmount first so there is more room for flexibility.

You may access our weekly schedule on the SCHEDULES page of our website or by downloading the PDF version here.


Our 6am classes are now in OLD CITY on TUESDAY & FRIDAY mornings. 

We have also added a NEW Fairmount morning time as per your requests, 8:15am-9:30am on WEDNESDAYS at Studio 1831. 


You guys have been asking me FOREVER for earlier classes (starting from 4:30-6:30PM). I have been trying to work this out literally since we opened! I am SO HAPPY to FINALLY announce to you that we have two NEW Earlier Evening times beginning this month at our FAIRMOUNT & OLD CITY locations.

THURSDAYS 5:00-6:15PM @ Fairmount

FRIDAYS 6:00-7:15 @ Old City

We have also added a late night class in Old City on Wednesdays from 8:00-9:00PM.

REMINDER: upperbodyLOGIC tonight in Old City, 7:30PM!

See you there!

Photos: upperbodyLOGIC/armsyLOGIC samples via Kenneth Stockwell.