bodyLOGIC Bride: Cassie


I took my first bodyLOGIC class in the fall of 2011. As an athlete and former ballet dancer, I was amazed at how bodyLOGIC  workouts completely changed my body for the better. Each session gave me a cardio and muscle-toning workout, but it also improved my posture and flexibility. It reminded me of how my body felt when I used to dance.

So with my wedding day approaching this past September, I knew exactly where to go to get in serious shape for MY big day. I knew I wanted a full body workout, but I also wanted to really focus on toning my arms. All I had to do was tell Jillian. She created specific exercises for me and made sure I got the most out of each group session. Believe me, bodyLOGIC sessions will kick your butt! But the more and more I pushed myself, the more results I saw.

Every bride wants to look as beautiful as possible on her wedding day. But, beyond the hair and makeup is a body that needs to fit itself into a beautiful wedding gown. I am so happy I chose bodyLOGIC as my pre-wedding exercise program and I would recommend it to every soon-to-be bride.


-Cassandra Kramer married CBS-3 news reporter Oren Liebermann in September 2012. Photos by Rhinehart Photography.


First of all, you look BEAUTIFUL, Cassie! Hair, makeup, posture, you are a bodyLOGIC Bride for sure! And thank YOU for your request on an arms class! It's because of you that I created our signature armsyLOGIC ™ BarreBand sequences™! I'm so glad that you found exactly what you were looking for with us!

Congratulations to you and Oren, and Happy New(lywed) Year!


Because bodyLOGIC is such a new, small, and exclusive program, I never expect to see publications on bodyLOGIC, unless I've been interviewed for it... This one came to my attention from one of our LOGIC ladies before Sunday's class. It's so special to me for bodyLOGIC be on par with other GIANT women's fitness programs in the city, as we've been around for just over a year now! The article is from Philadelphia Wedding's magazine, and it made me so happy to see!


My first serious ballet teacher ever told our class (we were all in high school at the time) that one of her favorite aspects of her ballet training was the posture she gained. She said it was not something that she appreciated until her wedding day, as almost all of the guests commented on how graceful her posture was. Even after that, she gained even greater appreciation for her balletic posture when she got her wedding pictures. Nothing ruins a picture more than crappy posture!I would have to agree :/

I've considered making classes for brides before, as I have for moms. I am still in the works, but then sometimes things like this article make me realize "our program works phenomenally as it is for everyone" whether you be a mom, a bride to be, or neither of the above.

Our armsyLOGIC / tankLOGIC classes are seriously one of our most difficult classes on the schedule currently. Although, the results are amazing and beautiful; Yes, beautiful arm muscles. I've been meaning to post about this class specifically, because even as a dancer I have seen an unbelievable change to the muscle structure and my arms since creating our signature armsyLOGIC ™ BarreBand sequences™. In addition to my arms, my shoulders and back have stayed ever so Swan Lake beautiful due to this class, even in the disappearance of our upperbodyLOGIC™ class for this month of December (I promise it will be back)!

We're requesting any testimonals (and FAB photos!) from any of you bodyLOGIC brides, past or present; We'd love to share them here on our blog!

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