Eating Your Seasons


Thankfully, in recent years Americans have become more aware of the potentially harmful and wasteful processes that take place in order to get their dinner from farm to table. In many cases, the journey your food makes just to get to you is a super long one. This is one of the many reasons eating your seasons is awesome! Here are some reasons why eating seasonal is so beneficial!

Reduce Energy Use and Carbon Dioxide Emission- Less distance to travel for an out of seasonal fruit or veggie the less pollution in our delicate atmosphere.

Support Your Local Economy- Eating in season goes hand in hand with eating local. When you eat items that are readily available in your area you help to the local economy grow!

Rekindle your Connection with Mother Nature- How good does it feel to eat with the earth provides at the time that it's actually in season. It's only natural!

Give Your Body and Tastebuds What They Deserve- Seasonal food is fresher hands down, and because of this it is also more nutritious and yummy.

So what's in season now?

Check out these awesome sites to find out!


No More Breakfast Blues!


Oh Breakfast. It is often extremely difficult for most people to eat a solid and balanced meal in the morning. Whether it's lack of appetite, or lack of time there are a million and one excuses why you didn't eat this morning. This is even more unfortunate because eating breakfast in the morning is proven to help with weight loss. So let's stand up against that torturous wait til lunch and find some ways to make sure we are filling those bellies in the AM.

Too Much Too Soon- Eating at the crack of dawn just a little too much on the tummy? Try waking up doing your morning routine and then taking a small breakfast with you. Allowing your body to fully wake up and pushing breakfast back to brunch might be just what you need to make sure you get that morning meal in.

I hate breakfast foods- Eggs and bacon not your thing? Try something else! There's no rule on what you can and cannot eat for breakfast. Smoothies (with healthy ingredients) tend to be one of the better breakfast alternatives, but if that's still not stimulating your taste buds check out these 6 Breakfast Alternatives from the almighty Oprah. (hint, hint one is pizza! You're welcome).

There's no time!- Ok so there's no nice way to say this other than: MAKE TIME. Whether you are prepping the night before or getting up and extra 15 minutes you should always make time to properly nourish your body. If eating isn't enough motivation to get up earlier try to think of it as part of your weight loss routine.

Fitness Date Night

couple workout

Dinner and a movie? Eh. It's tried and true but not exciting enough to keep up with today's modern couple. So why not, instead of sitting for 2 hours snacking on popcorn and candy, get up and get moving. Trust us you can still flirt while breaking a sweat!

Go row a boat. Think Noah and Allie's boat ride from The Notebook minus the rain and swans. What's more romantic than being alone together surrounded by water and beautiful scenery, not to mention that it's a amazing upper body workout.

Hike together. Great views and a great workout. Pack a light lunch and explore mother nature while spending some quality one-on-one time. Hiking is an awesome way to build lower body strength, improve your balance and mood!

Partner Yoga. The health benefits of yoga are obvious but another plus for couples in particular is the strengthening of your connection. Couples yoga can improve or reawaken your emotional connection and trust, while also improving flexibility and strength.

Play a sport. Basketball, Golf, Volleyball whichever is your cup of tea include your partner and make it into a great time to bond and stay healthy. Plus there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to keep things fun and exciting.