Jillian's Little Ballerinas

Some of you know this already but this past Sunday was my little kids' spring showcase. They were so impressive, having learned over 7 minutes of choreography at such young ages of 5-9 years old.


With such young kids and such long choreography, you never know what might happen on stage. I can't exaggerate enough how PERFECTLY FABULOUS these little ones were. I am so proud of their hard work and will miss them this summer!

Truly Fabulous

I've never really been the type of dancer that has enjoyed choreography and making dances in the past. It's always been a stressful process for me, mostly because I'm too concerned with whether or not the audience will like this or that. This past week, my choreography was showcased in the final senior thesis show at University of the Arts.


These beautiful ladies worked their butts off and did a fabulous job of taking the movement that I have them and making it something real, something tangible. It's truly amazing what they did and in a show filled with senior class dancers, these first year students seriously held their own.

It was really inspiring for me to watch what I created unfold from an audience members perspective. By the final night, their performance had me in tears wishing I could make a career out of choreographing.

Thank you Katie, Melissa, Libby and Abby for all of the hard work you ladies put into my piece. You looked amazing and you all made such wonderful things happen up there on stage. Should I ever decide to create a dance company, you four ladies are hired for sure! :)

Above photo: (left to right) Elizabeth Rush, Katie Mroczek, Melissa Hyatt, Jillian Dreusike & Abby Stachnik. 4/12.

Sweat Your A** Off!

Well, maybe not off.. but you can definitely sweat for a firmer one. Time to flush that cellulite away! It's been so hot lately... so why not sweat MORE?

So on Saturday, I wore these plastic shorts. Known in my dance experience as "trash bag shorts", they basically trap the heat of your body in them, inducing sweating tenfold. I didn't realize the health benefits of super sweating until my curiosity won over me after Saturday's class.

Benefits of Sweating:

1. Detoxifying: Sweating helps to further remove toxins through the pores.

2. Greater Immunity: Causing your heart rate and body temperature raise, it simulates stress to the immune system, testing it, and thus making it stronger.

3. Clear Skin: Flushes the pores for cleaner, brighter, healthier skin!

4. PUMP IT! When you sweat, your heart is working harder. Cardiac muscle builds just like any other muscle.. the harder you work it, the stronger it becomes.

5. WORK IT! These literally get to work trashing those cals! Sweating means you're working harder. The harder you're working, the more calories you're burning. You can burn almost double the calories just by working harder.. I mean it when I say "KEEP THE ENERGY UP!"