A Word on "The LOGIC": For Our Newbies

It has been really great seeing so many new faces in our classes the past few weeks. I have been getting so many of you with questions about the program as a whole, as well as about the different classes, ways of easing into ADV classes from INT classes, etc, etc.  Because bodyLOGIC is so different from any other women's fitness program, this will be relevant to you whether you are a newbie or a longtime LOGIC Lady.

This entire program came about out of my own self-exploration with physical fitness, and finding what worked for me and gave me the results I was looking for. bodyLOGIC is very much so a compilation of my very own favorite things--  things that just so happen to hurt like hell while whipping your butt into the best of feminine shape in record time! We all know this, as we all leave class practically wiping the floor with our butts by the time the grueling 75 minutes is finished-- but that is why we LOVE what we do!

It never gets easier: you get better at it (the technique & form), it makes more sense, your body is constantly changing, but nevertheless, any class will ALWAYS be difficult in  that superhuman LOGIC way.

Cardio or Not? Many of you have been asking me questions about the cardio content of the different classes. Cardio is the most important aspect of our training as women, whether at bodyLOGIC or anywhere else. Cardio is your only means of fat-burning, slimming. Your heart rate must be raised for at least 20 minutes consistently  just to start burning 1 gram of fat! Do I need to tell you again?-- Cardio is IMPORTANT! At least one of your weekly classes should be a cardio-centric class.

Cardio-Centric vs. Cardio Component: Also very important. bodyLOGIC is unique and of its own for many different reasons, one of these being the variety of cardio workouts.

Cardio-centric classes should be prioritized in your scheduling when possible, especially if your primary goal is to tone up. All classes are total body workouts, so we are always sculpting arms legs glutes & abs, cardio or not. Cardio centric classes include totalbodyLOGIC™ (20mins or more), cardioLOGIC™ (30 mins or more), bikiniLOGIC™/upperbodyLOGIC™ (30 mins or more)  our Runner's Workshop™, skinnyLOGIC™ (40+mins), or our Outdoor class (50+mins, light cardio inclusive). Included in these classes is our original CardioBallet™ choreography, CardioBarre Sequences™, and occasionally uses our unique Cardio BarreBand™ for some extra resistance!

Cardio Component classes are overall identified as the atypical "sculpting" class, our version of a sculpting class. These classes contain plentiful heart-pumping mat work & use of other props unique to the specific classes. The barre work often utilizes our new bodyLOGIC™ Cardio BarreBand™ component, as well as our CardioBarre Sequences™, also specific to the class(es).  Cardio Component classes include waistLOGIC™, leggyLOGIC™, armsyLOGIC™, and often strengthLOGIC™.

Many of you newbies have probably noticed that almost all OPEN classes have a few or more ADV students in them. The levels of all classes on the schedule, whether listed as OPEN or ADV, are always determined by the instructor based on the final enrollment of the class.  bodyLOGIC's teaching principles make the technique very easy to understand, and we more often than not end up getting a mix of an ADV and OPEN students in a typical INT level class. This is possible because of the small nature of the classes, as well as the extremely personal nature of the instruction.

Hopefully this helps some of you to understand the LOGIC behind the program :) See you in class soon!


*Photos In-Class of bodyLOGIC students ; via Jillian's iPhone*