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Check out this lovely shot of allongée instructor Erica R. in grande plié a la seconde (adjacent a very parallel, and booted, fiancée) in London! Great form Erica- you look fabulous! We hope Tom's foot is feeling better - you'll have to get him in the know with our allongée foot warmup! 20140115-110202.jpg

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bodyLOGIC for your Who-Ha!

Yes, for your who-ha!Maybe this isn't our most favorite subject to put on the table, but were all women, so let's just get it out there.

Yes, bodyLOGIC can do great things... down south. The contraction we use is unique and of its own and requires that you activate the entire abdominal region from pubic bone to belly button in collaboration with the glutes and pelvic floor. This is your strongest and most efficient way to engage the abdominal region and helps to enforce these muscles to work with strength and technique during our barre, band and cardio phrases. This is why every part of our workouts involves intense core work.

In addition to building your strongest and most supportive abdominal muscles, there are many other advantages to using your abs like this for an hour a day.


Benefits of Kegel Exercises


Above Photo: K. Ryan & E. Reisenwitz via A. Stockwell

FREE Trial! What?!

As many of you have noticed, commented, asked and inquired, I think it's time this post is made.Those of you that have taken a few classes know that this program is something very special. There is a real technique involved, and you gain knowledge about your own body that you would've never imagined. After all, dancers are the STRONGEST athletes.


Our program was developed out of my two years of Pre professional experience as a dancer in addition to the near six figure investment that I was more than happy to make to attend University of the Arts on a Presidential Scholarship. After four intensive years of Ballet training and anatomical movement, physiology, and kinesiology higher education studies at University of the Arts, our final product, the allongèe technique, was born!

This program is not a product of my years in a Business School with the primary intention of making big money like the vast majority of others that exist today. It may be news that most of today's fitness studios are created by a business person who sees fitness as... a business. So they decide to spend a measly few thousand dollars and a few short months working toward some sort of certification in order to be able to call themselves a movement expert...

 that's NOT us!

We don't just throw you ladies in a room to flail around mindlessly in an attempt to get you burning as many calories as possible - that's how you build strength in the wrong places (your large muscle groups, which you already have an abundance of.. you use them all day!) and even worse- that's how you get hurt and wind up out of exercise commission for longer than you'd likely prefer.

Every exercise we give you and every step I've choreographed is there because it has a purpose. That's why we're able to take you ladies suffering from different persistent ailments such as plantar fasciitis, various ankle/foot breaks, rotator cuff injuries, etc. and be able to help you to sucessfully rehab them through with our high intensity workouts as a supplement. Everyone's always been interested in what we do, but it's no worry to me or you! It took me a while to realize but it's not possible for others to replicate what we've got going. The knowledge and science behind the technique and even our products far surpasses the intentions of others.

I am so confident in our program's unique and fabulous benefits that for the month of August, we'll be offering a FREE class to any allongèe newbie.

Yes, FREE as in $0. Just because we know you'll love it!


Free Class Trial: Limit one per person. Call or email us & mention our blog to set up your first class. Must sign general waiver to participate. This offer is only available to new students for classes 8/1/2013 - 8/31/2013.

Above Photo: J. Dreusike & K. Stockwell via Amanda Stockwell

Our 1st FFF Challenge Winner & Prizes

A giant CONGRATULATIONS to our first Fit, Fitter, Fittest Challenge Winner, Jennifer Cook. Jennifer got into 29 hours of classes this past month, taking classes just about every day, some days taking two or three. Hard work really does pay off and it's been a great experience for me to watch how you've developed in this technique and how you keep getting stronger!


This months giveaway items are pretty awesome. We've got some Burt's Bee's products (my favorite) as well as two items from our NEW allongèe apparel Calorie Trashing Line- our original Calorie Trashing shorts as well as our very own Snatch Belts!

Congratulations, Jennifer! Enjoy! :)






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