Meet Kelly Ryan, bodyLOGIC Instructor

I am a bit overdue on this- I am sorry!

Meet Kelly Ryan, one of our new bodyLOGIC instructors. She’s been teaching for a bit over a month now, and she is doing a fabulous job!  As many of you know, our own LOGIC ladies are handpicked and  invited to be instructors after an audition process as well as a long and vigorous training program. I chose Kelly before we were even searching for instructors and I knew that she would be fabulous.  Kelly is one of our first  generation students, around since our old days in NoLibs. She began bodyLOGIC in hopes of finding a fitness class that would bring her back to her days in the ballet studio. Many of you know Kelly from class, and I am so excited to officially announce her as an instructor.


Here’s some things you may not know about Kelly…

Kelly works full time as an inpatient Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She oversees the plan of care for any patient with an orthopedic related issue.

Kelly practiced ballet until the age of 15 when she decided to focus on her running track in high school. An avid runner, Kelly enjoys the complimentary training at bodyLOGIC and describes classes as “the perfect mix” of ballet technique, cardiovascular training, as well as core training.

Kelly’s favorite healthy snacks include yogurt with granola (me too, yum!), honeycrisp apples and pineapples, as well as oat meal with peanut butter and banana (YUM!)

Kelly really loves her coffee! She also has a sweet tooth for ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and red velvet cake.

You may have seen Kelly at her favorite Old City coffee shop, Café Ole.

She enjoys passing time with a good read, spending time with family & friends, and of course, working out!

Kelly grew up in Turnersville NJ, just 20 minutes outside of the city.

Her favorite city is Philly. It’s not too big, not too small, has a plethora of restaurants and a great craft beer scene- all of which she loves!

Favorite bodyLOGIC class: skinnyLOGIC, because it “kicks my butt every time” and because of the “way you feel awesome afterward”.

Favorite bodyLOGIC Sequence: The ab/glutes sequences on the mat in parallel, modified first, and 2nd positions. She swears that her “thighs and butt have never been in better shape!

She has an unhealthy addiction to all things Lululemon.

Keep your eyes out for Kelly and her new Boston terrier, Louie. You may see them walking around Old City!

Kelly can bake a mean cake. Or batch of cookies. Or anything else that involves sugar and chocolate. (She gave me a batch of holiday cookies last year, and boy were they delicious!)

We’re so excited to welcome you to our growing team!

If you haven’t yet, get into one of Kelly’s classes this week upcoming. We’re not kidding when we say she’s fabulous!

Our Fit Fitter Fittest Giveaway

A huge congratulations to Marie G. Delany, who got into 22 class hours this past month and is the winner of our Fit Fitter Fittest Giveaway! In the beginning of the month, Marie proclaimed to me that she was going to be the next challenge winner. After plenty of persistence- you got it, girl! I'm so proud and happy for you, Marie! Image

This month's giveaway is a handful of John Master's organic beauty products (reg. retail $96) courtesy of my  favorite salon, Moko Salon in Old City. Also included is a card for 15% off your next fabulous service at Moko.

bodyLOGIC loves Moko. They're organic, all smiles, and extremely talented. Did I mention fun? How does an event like "Buns, Braids, and Bellinis" sound to you? Connect with them on facebook to stay updated on their fabulous events.


*Above Photo: Logos and brands property of John Master's Organics and Moko.

Thank you, Moko, for supporting bodyLOGIC's Fit Fitter Fittest Challenge!

My "Vacation" & This Week's Challenge

I had big plans for some awesome vacation blogs, but as some of you that were in Sunday's class already know, my vacation did not quite go as planned. 

We got down to South Carolina and checked into our first hotel of our Roadtrip to Key West and spent just 15 minutes in vacation bliss before being notified of a death in the family up in New York. 

So after a night's rest in Hilton Head Island, we trekked back up to New York for the remainder of the week off. Not quite what had been planned, but I had decided to write a blog on this a few days ago, as I felt there were many things to be learned and taken from this experience.



Ken's Poppop passed away at 83 years old after an absolutely fabulous life. In the nearly three years I have spent with Ken's family, they seem to have taken on the role of my "second first family". 

While the idea of a vacation in the sun was highly anticipated, I really think that a death in the family gives everyone a time to simply stop and reflect on all components of one's life; family relations, love relations, personal choices made, the adverse effects, etc. It makes us all cease to move forward for a bit in remembrance. 

Family is so utterly important, and for many of us should pose as our greatest  and most infallible support system. If there is one thing Poppop would be smiling from above about, it would have to be the support system that was inevitably in place by all four of his daughters- for each other and for their widowed mother.

I realized that every moment spent with another we care about is special and impermanent, but is so often overlooked in the blunder of our day to day chaotic lives. So many more memories could be made just by turning attention to being grateful for those special people we're fortunate enough to share our lives with. 

Most times, our "Weekly Challenges" are in relation to the program as far as classes to take or ways to work, etc. However, for this week, I would really like to set a goal relating to our personal lives- to focus on slowing down and appreciating those who we care for, and who care for us. Our lives are not timeless, and so it should be our objective to make as many memories as possible in the time we're given. 

I also truly believe that by finding something to be appreciative of every single day, our lives as a whole will be much happier and fulfilled. 

Find something to be appreciative of every day this week, watch how it will alter your own perspective and observe how it will change your energy during class time!