#Tiptuesday : Motivation + commitment

It can be so easy to fall out of the swing of your regular schedule. From seasonal change to life changes, external factors that throw off our equilibrium are always ever-present and bountiful, causing us to lose track of time and pushing us out of routine without much warning. Here are a few tips from Jillian to help keep your head in the game even during the toughest and busiest times.

  1. Self-care isn’t selfish. It’s a necessity.

  • We do this to ourselves ALL. THE. TIME. We have so many things to fit into each of our days, and more often than not our self-care routines take the back seat without a second thought. But here’s the deal — you can’t pour from an empty glass, so fill your’s first! Establishing a regular workout routine will boost endorphins (feel-good hormones) and thus your energy levels. It heightens your focus and will allow you to produce better work all day.

2. Don’t forget that your physical health is key.

  • Being in superior physical health will allow you to enjoy more, experience more, and for longer! Want to travel the world? Being able to walk 10+ miles in a day without a second thought will lend you the ability to see more sights and do more things! Another important piece of this one is the fact that your training will lengthen your mobility. Love spending time with your kids, nieces/nephews? We’re here to help you stay mobile and be able to run, jump, skip, and leap with the most energetic members of your family, and for a longer time! Our programming is designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance, fight decreases in bone density, and strengthen your joints.

3. The expense is worth it.

  • We hear about the expense side of this all too often, and for not much of a good reason. Yes, having a membership at any boutique studio can be expensive. But we like to think that the results are worth it. In less than an hour per class, you’re able to get your strength training, cardio, and stretching in. Furthermore, in relation to point number 2… is there really a price you can put on being able to experience more, for a longer period of time? We vote no. And the jury isn’t out on this one.

4. Fall back into a routine and stick to it.

  • Now that you’ve got a handle on the motivation side of things- commit to it! Establish a new routine, and stick to it. We as humans are creatures of habit, so the sooner you get back into the swing of things, the easier it will be. Start by setting goals that are realistic and build from there. You don’t need to start back up where you left off last time, but set some parameters that will help you get back there faster. Our 6-month and 12-month memberships are best for this, as it gives you unlimited access to all of our scheduled classes for whatever the prescribed amount of time. Those whom take advantage of the savings on these memberships also tend to attend more classes than class-pack holders as the long-term nature of the membership gives you a little more incentive to make the most out of your investment.