Meet Alex! Our newest instructor!

1. What’s your full name?

Alexandra Elisa Roberts (But I go by Alex.)

2. Your hometown 

Wauconda, Illinois (Suburb of Chicago)

3. Your favorite city


4. What brought you to Philly?

I came to study dance and psychology at Eastern University and upon graduating I decided to stay for my career as well as for the artistic community here.

5. What do you consider to be unique to your teaching style?

I am enthusiastic as well as attentive. I do my best to create an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere for all levels, so that every individual can leave feeling connected, empowered, and on fire. 
6. What is your prior experience with fitness and/or teaching, if any?

For 12+ years I have been training in dance, yoga, and pilates. Currently I dance for Gwendolyn Bye's 'Dance Fusion', a professional modern dance company.  I have many years of experience teaching dance for all levels and ages in different techniques such as jazz, modern, and acro. This is my first year as a certified barre instructor and I could not be more excited. 

7. Do you have another profession in a different field? Tell us about it!

Since June 2017 I have been working for Pathways to Housing PA as a social worker for the homeless community. We are a housing first agency focused on harm reduction through which I support a list of clients long-term with transitioning back into independent living and healthcare. 

8. When not in the studio, where might we run into you?

I tend to spend my time out of my house at different parks or hiking trails! You may literally run into me on the schuylkill trail or in the Wissahickon. You can also catch me bouncing around different restaurants in the city, at a matinee film at the Ritz, or at an art show. 

9. What are some of your favorite hobbies?

My favorite hobby is dancing if you could not tell. But my others are biking, hiking, and painting. 

10. Are there any other fun facts about yourself you might like to share with us?

I have a cat named Winston! 🐈 💕