The Times They Are A-Changing!

We’ve got three major changes taking effect SOON (if they haven’t already) and we wanted to give you all the full scoop here!

  1. Pricing Changes!

YES! And I know normally we see this and quickly assume prices have raised. Well, we’ve actually done just the opposite. In an effort to drive a larger membership base, we’ve gotten rid of class packs and made our membership prices much more competitive.

You can always view the pricing schedule on our pricing page here, but we’ll give you a run-down below, too!

NOT CHANGING :: Single Class: $28 // Monthly Unlimited : $259

Monthly Contract Membership :: $199/month Purchase here. *12 month commitment, can cancel any day prior to billing date for free and can freeze your membership for up to one month at a time, on as many as 3 occasions per year (total freeze time : 90 days per year).

Best Savings, Biggest Price Drops — Longterm Memberships

6 Months Unlimited (Single Payment) :: $999 purchase here.

12 Months Unlimited (Single Payment) :: $1800 purchase here.

Class Pack Memberships (3 Month Min. Commitment)

1x Per Week Membership :: $100 purchase here //2x Per Week Membership :: $175 purchase here

2. Third Party Booking Changes - hi ClassPasser’s and Peerfitter’s! We love you all dearly, but we’ve got some third-party changes going into effect beginning October 29th. We’ll be cutting our offerings on third-party booking sites to include just two class times per day; it’ll look something like this:

MONDAYS :: 9:30am + 7PM (11/4 start)

TUES-THURS :: 6:10am + 7:15PM

FRI :: 6:10am + 5:30PM

SAT :: 9am + 2pm //SUN 9am + 4pm

3. Schedule Changes - more options! Some of them are already listed, and others will be starting up in a week or two! Here’s what we’ve got::

MONDAYS adding 9:30am, 12pm, *5PM (beginning 10/28) + 7PM (beginning 11/4)

WEDNESDAYS adding 9:30am* (beg. 10/29)

FRIDAYS adding 5:30PM

Comment below and tell us how you’re feeling about all of these changes. We love hearing from you and we strive to continually improve your studio experience by listening to your feedback! Happy Hump Day!