Meet Melissa! Our newest allongée instructor!

Meet Melissa Funtanilla, the newest member of our team at Allongee!!  


Melissa hails from San Jose, CA! She attended grad school here in Philly and fell in love with this city, so she never returned to the west coast! 

Her favorite cities are NYC + LA. Melissa’s previous experience comes from post-HS cheer stunt instruction, and she credits her varietal teaching technique (mixing verbal cues with hands-on corrections) to her previous experience as an instructor. Up until her recent allongée certification, her athletic experience ranges from cheerleading to yoga and Pilates. 

Her full-time gig is in marketing for spas, salons, and beauty schools in the area. She also runs a fabulous blog called “The Skinny Affair” which highlights travel, food, and fun here in Philly and abroad! Find her on Instagram— @theskinnyaffair 

When she’s not in the studio, you can find her around the city walking her dog, Maddie (Melissa LOVES how pet-friendly Philly is!) as well as reading, shopping, hiking and blogging! 

Were so excited to have Melissa join our team! Don’t be fooled by her genuine friendliness and soft-spoken attitude when not teaching— this California girl is bursting at the seams with energy and does some serious 🍑 kicking in class!  

sign up for her first round of Community classes this Friday and next (6/22 + 29 at 5:30pm, bikiniLOGIC) by following this link.