Meet Noël!

meet the newest addition to our amazing allongée team, Noël Ridlon! Noël began her training in March, and she’ll be hitting the floor with her first round of classes this Wednesday + next Wednesday at 7pm! Noël’s first round of classes will be part of our new allongée Community Class program which will allow you to find your favorite new allongée instructors at a discounted class rate! 


Here are some fun facts about our newest instructor! 

Hometown: Having lived in 9 states, “hometown” isn’t quite as cut-and-dry for Noël as most would expect. While originally from Baltimore, Noël considers Philly “home”, having resided here in this city for nearly a decade! 

After completing her undergrad studies in Chicago, Noël set her grad school search focus to the East Coast “aka the ‘Best Coast’” and wound up at West Chester University. After completing grad school, she moved here to Philly and considers the move one of her best decisions ever! (we’re so glad to have you, Noël!)

Her favorite city is Prague, CZ (Noël, you’re speaking to my ♥️ here!

Noël is a seasoned instructor, having 15 years of ballet/jazz dance training under her belt and having previously taught at boutique fitness studios like the Lithe Method! This is all in addition to her countless hours spent in the studio as a barre, rebounder, and Pilates student.

In addition to her expertise at allongée, Noël’s “9-5” is within an International Logistics Company as an HR Business Partner. Noël says “I love my 9-5 because in HR, no two days are the same!” 

When not in the studio, you may find Noël hiking or primitive camping in state parks, Running on the schuykill trail, or possibly at a happy hour with friends or her fiancée! 💍 (Congrats to you both!!) Noël is an avid reader, belonging to a boozy 📚 book club (LOVE IT!), enjoys busting out the sewing machine and/or hot glue gun for any craft project, as well as traveling (she’s been to all 50 states!). This girl loves a good dance party or a good costume party,  and enjoys cooking + baking healthy treats! 

She has 5 siblings and is a lover of historic architecture, a trait for which she blames her love of Philly on! 

I love Noël’s teaching style because she is friendly and by-the-book! No messing around here— being the bookworm that she is, she’s studied long and hard through the duration of her training and knows this curriculum inside and out! I can’t wait to watch her continue to develop her personality in our studio and know that she will surely become one of your very favorite instructors as well!  

Join her community classes here.