Meet our newest instructor, Amy Fergus!

Amy is a familiar face at our studio; she’s been attending classes at allongee since July 2016! She’s always in top gear and has beautiful technique from her extensive dance experience, so I was SOOO happy to find out that she was interested in becoming allongee certified!   

She’ll be teaching her first two classes next week on wednesday 12/19 at 6pm and Friday 12/21 at 5:30pm. These classes are community classes, so they’re just $10 a pop! Reserve your space here


Let’s get to know Amy a little before you meet her on the floor next week! Amy is from Lansdale, PA and has been a resident of her favorite city (Philly!) since 2011. She originally moved here to attend Temple University and fell in love with our “gritty city” immediately. She’s lived and worked here ever since!  

What makes her teaching style most unique is her constant focus on drilling technique while pushing her students to really push their limits and challenge themselves. Amy’s classes are intense and form-focused. Part of her love for allongee is due to the fact that the technique itself is maximized with correct form. She loves to bring that side of technical instruction into her classes to ensure everyone gets a good sweat! 


Amy has always maintained an active lifestyle, starting with ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip-hop classes at 5 years old! She was a member of her high school dance team, and since college has enjoyed exploring all of the different options for fitness classes in our city and abroad, including HIIT, barre, circus, yoga, + pilates, to name a few. “Allongee has always been my favorite,” she says. 

Amy’s full-time gig is in accounting/finance for a mortgage insurance company near Dilworth Park. It’s central location allows her to keep things interesting each day with a stroll through the Christmas Village or regular post-work stops in for Center City SIPS! 🥂


If she’s not in the studio, you can probably find Amy at the dog park with her Chihuahua, Gredo, or eating/drinking her way through all of our amazing Philly restaurants 🍻🍣🍔 

Amy loves the outdoors and enjoys camping, hiking, and anything else that involves spending time in the fresh air! She also enjoys watching Philly sports with endless beer and food! 🦅 💚

Amy loves to travel and is always looking for suggestions for her next adventure! She also has a major sweet tooth! 

Amy, we cannot wait to have you join our team! I am so excited to watch you kick some serious 🍑 on our dance floor!  

 You can sign up for Amy’s $10 Community Classes here