Back to Sweat

we're getting back from the shore + back into the groove of things here at the studio, and we are bringing you special workshop classes  to help you regain balance and enhance your technique. 


core BALANCE:  

A 50 minute specialty class designed to bring strength and stability into our standing legs and core, thus helping to improve balance. This class is a serious workout and will targ deep core muscles in addition to hamstring, glutes and calves.  


WEDNESDAY 9/20 at 7:45pm with Jillian  

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Ballet Technique:  

This 50 minute class will help reinforce the classical technical principles behind our allongée technique. Increase your turnout and enhance your knowledge of your body's biomechanics so that you can maximize your allongée  workout!  


WEDNESDAY 9/27 at 7:45pm with Jillian 

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October Dates: TBA SOON!