LIVE! Workout #1

Workout #1 is LIVE! bringing you the debut of our virtual studio, allongee online. I am so excited to launch this platform during the summer, at a time when travel is high and the time to work out is hard to come by. 


The beauty of it- you can do it from anywhere- your home, you can stream it from your phone and do it outdoors, the possibilities are really endless. And so then in turn, the excuses become impossible! The other beauty of it-- the movements are simple and they're also FUN! You'll carve those obliques and get the heart rate up in this very first workout.

Pro Tip: The next workouts will build on some of these simpler phrases so that our online library is like a series of courses (but fun ones!). Our next video will go live Monday 7/9, so use the next two weeks to continue improving your form so that you can advance along with the video releases.