Meal Planning: A Balancing Act

When I cook at home, I follow one simple rule: every meal has 3 parts.

A protein base | Greens (& veggies in general) | Grains (the good kind!)

Photo via Jillian's iPhone.  

Photo via Jillian's iPhone.  

These three things are what your body needs to sustain a demanding workout routine in order to energize and recover as quickly as possible. 

The protein (be it a meat source or not) serves to feed those hungry muscles and aid in recovery. The greens/veggies are just as important for recovery, delivering an abundance of much needed vitamins and minerals. The grains are there to help sustain energy throughout the day upcoming. Creating a meal with those three things is ensuring that what you put in your body is working FOR you!

With it being three (very loose) categories, it simplifies things enough that you're able to decide how long you want dinner prep to take.

Protiens- Should be the base of your meals. Yes, it's true. You are working hard, and we see you several times per week. Keep it up, and keep feeding your body. It does not have to be meat either! Grains like quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth deliver a solid dose of protien in addition to beans & nuts.  

There are handful of grains which provide protiens that contain all 9 essential amino acids.

These include amaranth, farro, millet, quinoa, sorghum & spelt. 

*ATTN those with gluten intolerance(s)! An asterisk denotes an awesome grain that is GLUTEN-FREE!

Here's one of my favorite quick meals which makes a great example of the rule of 3's. 

Photo via Skinny Taste

Photo via Skinny Taste

Grilled Romaine "Caesar" Salad:

grilled romaine. Topped with grilled chicken/shrimp and dressed farro. Tomatoes & red onion.

Greek "Caesar" Dressing: plain greek yogurt. EVOO. Roasted garlic. S&P. Parmesan cheese.

plate and top with freshly squeezed lemon juice, ground pepper. Serve.