Month 3: Results are In!

Congratulations to all of you amazing ladies that completed this past month's Challenge! 

March was a gloomy, cold month here in Philly and we definitely felt it! So many things effect our ability to "rockstar" through the entire 30 days. 


Those of you that did complete the challenge are a serious reminder that even amidst every craziness (personal life, work, maintaining good relationships) there is, it is always possible! Thank you ladies for being a constant inspiration to us all, inside the studio & out! 💕

Our next Challenge will begin on Monday 4/24! Stay posted here for more details TBA! 

Month 3 Winners:

Al Ghofaily, L.

Binder, D.

Cannon, L.

Cha, A.

Dolchin, C.

Dullen, D.

Haqqie, N.

Lipiros, M.

Tice, K.