NEW! allongee® so SOAR!

Our newest class is hitting the schedule this May, and I really cannot contain my excitement!

Me and rebounders have a complicated relationship. While I have always wanted to start a class that is our own on these things, I've gone from being terrified of them to loving them and right back around again, only to find myself here creating a class for our awesome #allongeearmy  👍

The most valuable thing about these rebounders is that you can get 100% cardio training with zero impact!

this is pretty amazing in and of itself, and I am really excited to show you what we've got! 

As always, our focus is to keep your small muscle groups working in big ways, so I know that this class will be a unique mix of things that fit right along into our curriculum. I really cannot wait to expand our offerings to you ladies in just a few short weeks!