Springing on Some Change!

We're always keeping it moving around here, and we have quite a few announcements coming your at this week. This one is about some changes you may have noticed on our website (and schedule).


[sweat]                   [S+S]                  [sculpt]


I have taken a LONG time to create all the components that make this program, and while it continues and will always continue to evolve, it's the keystone concepts of the program that keep us evolving in the same direction. 👌

We've got two major components we consider when creating a new class.

First one being your sculpting portion- When there is a sculpting component present, it is a unique set of exercises that don't quite raise the heart rate to your cardiovascular workout zone, but do give you the extra push to continue working up cardiac stamina (yes, they're muscles like any other) and help to burn some extra calories. One of the other awesome things we're able to accomplish with our allongée® CardioSculpting is that we are able to get the Type 2 muscle fibers ("fast twitch", or jumping muscles) without causing any impact at all! 

Second, your [sweat] or Cardio component. This is where we raise that heart rate & keep it up. In a [sweat] class, you're going to do just that- with movements that are fast and BIG, & in these classes you'll maximize your heart rate AND calorie burn!