Pop Up's & Allongee Socials Upcoming!

NEW! Pop-Ups this month including Triple A Pilates & a Prince Themed Playlist killer strength class called "Purple Pain"! 



Triple A Pilates is a new class format at our studio focusing on the three A's-- abs, arms, & a$$! Get bikini ready in this sweaty toning class designed to compliment all of your allongee CardioSculpting work! Using bands as well as additional props, this class is designed to provide variety along with the ultimate burn! Low Cardio.

Happening: this Sunday 2/19 at 11:45am. Sign up here. 


Bey Body HIIT w/ Jillian is our studio-favorite class raved about by Be Well Philly--  a tabata-style class in format that incorporates full range of motion utilizing our small muscle groups, those similar to the ones we're targeting during our traditional allongee work. This class is high-energy and high cardio, so be prepared to raise the heart rate and get a good sweat on!

Happening: MON 2/20 at 6:15am |  9:45am  |  11:30am.  Sign up here.


Purple Pain is a fun new cardiosculpting class involving plenty of total body mat work to raise the heart rate while sculpting long, lean muscle. And of course, the class is accompanied by a Prince playlist. Low Cardio.

Happening:  WEDNESDAY 3/1 at 5:35PM. Sign up here. 



80s/90's Baby BURN! is another studio-favorite -- our BURN! class accompanied by all of your favorite 80s/90s hits. Come on in, strap on those weights and burn it out with us! High Cardio.

Happening: FRIDAY 2/24 at 4:30PM & 5:45PM  |   THURSDAY 3/9 at 7:15PM.  Sign up here.


Sign up here.


Our next allongee Social event is planned for Wednesday, 3/8 at 6:30pm. 

Come join us for a drink at Jet Wine Bar- 1525 South Street