November Workshops Series

This month's workshop series has gone LIVE! Register here + read more info on our signature Ballet and CORE balance Workshops!  


You spend day in and day out at the studio, taking as many classes as you can possibly fit in your busy schedule. Many of you wound up here at allongée because of the fact that the classes are quick (45-60mins) and yield a greater calorie burn than just about any other modality out there. You're busy, we get it. But between the fast paced nature of the classes and busy lives outside the studio, have you ever taken the time to think about the body mechanics, the technique behind our technique? 

In our 50 minute workshops, you'll have the chance to think about the muscle actions behind our staple movements. Our ballet workshops will focus on the ballet movements from a new perspective, giving you the chance to really consider the specificity of each movement. 

Our CORE balance Workshops will provide the chance to think about balance from a different angle- the body mechanics angle. Balance is something we have to work really hard for, and the work only begins once we understand how to make the right adjustments.

Theres a lot to the inner workings of allongée. As a program focusing on the utilisation of the small muscle groups, many of the positions and actions were asking your body to learn are unnatural. You have all of these bigger muscle groups that can do a similar movement, and more often than not, when we get tired we start to lose the technical components- what makes us allongée! 

The fun part of all of this is that by honing in on your technique, you'll improve your form and begin maximizing your workout. You'll be able to move with greater efficiency and thus will burn more calories each class! 💪