Announcing: Technique Tuesday #progressnotperfection

It's been AMAZING seeing the studios flooded with allongée ladies new and old, kicking off the firs week of our Transformation Challenge! I've enjoyed hearing everyone's reactions to the new classes  and it's been especially exciting for me to hear so many different accounts from our first-timers! Your first class is more often than not A LOT to take in, but know that it's literally just the beginning for you.  

With so many newbies, it's about time to introduce Technique Tuesday!


Every Tuesday beginning next week, we'll be publishing a detailed description and analysis relative to your form and the technique! 👍

I made this program in 2010 when I was a full-time dancer  as a tool for constant improvement - we have really stuck by this cornerstone thus far in the way in which we've built & expanded (and continue to expand) the allongée syllabi.  Your turnout, your extension, your core control, your arm positioning and target-muscle activation to control movements and transitions  are all the basic foundations that a dancer spends a lifetime working on. Those things are also the foundational elements of our allongée technique. Turns out, those things also have a lot to do with getting you that killer bod. 👌

You'll be surprised the potential your body has when exposed to new and different tasks. One thing I have heard a lot of lately is "I will never get my leg as high as yours." 5 years ago if I saw a girl in class with the extension that I have now, I probably would have thought the same thing! I just didn't have the highest legs in the room, or the strongest ankles OR supporting legs- this was what I sought so hard to fix in all of my ballet classes for years until finally realizing that it came down to applying the same muscle actions, but in another way- and in another setting. This technique is sincerely a process and it never ends; let your body surprise you- love your body and it will love you back!