Announcement : Pop Up's & allongée Social


We're bringing back pop-up classes to help break up your week and diversify your training even more! These pop-up classes are designed to get  you into classes that you normally wouldn't attend, so be sure to take advantage of them! We often subconsciously avoid things because they feel harder or we're not used to it. Challenge yourself by putting yourself out of your usual element.



Bey Body HIIT Monday 1/23 at 6:15am

outdoor class SUN 1/29 at 8:50am-9:40am

80's Baby BURN,  WED 2/1 at 7:25-8:15pm




INTRODUCING: Allongée Social

We wear cute workout apparel and sweat it out on a daily basis, but very rarely do we see our #barreBFFs outside the studio! Well that's about to change big time! We've got two events slated for the next two weeks, so come out and enjoy a cocktail or a coffee with all your favorite girls! 

#barrethenbar Wednesday 2/8 4:45-5:30pm derriere, 6pm BarreBFF Casual Cocktail Hour at Farmicia 

BarreBFFs Do Coffee - Saturday 1/28 at 10:00am, Old City Coffee