Moving On Up!

Today we're here to share some of the biggest and most exciting news of the year! While I can't spill a ton of details yet, I can give you a little heads up on just SOME of the changes heading your way. 

Our last day of classes at 68 North 2nd Street will be October 26th, 2016. We will be moving our studios nearby, to a new location that will allow us to steadily grow in the years to come. We're trying to bring allongée to your cross-country relatives in the near future, which involves hard work along with a few instances of good fate. Well, we have got an opportunity we just can't refuse.  



 What's Changing? We won't be holding classes at 68 North 2nd Street past 10/26,  but we will be providing a brand new space better suited for all of our amazing allongée ladies! 

Whats NOT changing? Our class schedule will remain the same. We will still be the same amount accessible to all of CC East. 

We will release more and more details to you as we can here on the blog. We have a slew of announcements upcoming, and if you have any questions in the meantime, please let us know!