Free Class Day for First-Timers is Back!

It's my favorite day of the month, and its back this Thursday June 9th: FREE CLASS DAY! 

Click HERE to claim your class and reserve your spot!

If you've never taken an allongee® class before, be sure to save the date for this Thursday, bring your #BarreBFF and #getallongee with Philly's favorite original and ultra-effective CardioBarre program. 

If you've never taken Barre/Ballet, that's okay! All classes are open-level, and especially on a Free Class Day, you're sure to have quite a few ladies in the same exact boat as you. Any class offered is considered a good class to take as a first-timer. Just like mindfulness behind the exercises we do, there is also plenty of mindfulness behind the pedagogical techniques surrounding allongee®

PLUS-- as a Free Class Day participant, you're invited to take advantage of a few limited-time exclusive savings offers toward allongee® memberships and classes!

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