Free Class FRIDAY + March Madness 2016!

Our schedule changes by the month; kinda like your favorite seasonal organic restaurant, we like to keep it fresh. 

   Newbie Free Class Day : Friday March 4th! Register  HERE .


Newbie Free Class Day : Friday March 4th! Register HERE.

This year's March Madness is summer body focused -- abs, waist and cardio! So you'll be seeing tons of Waist Away, our new version of Core Cardio - II (which is more cardio-focused than our original Core Cardio I class. Core Cardio II's cardio is low-impact, high energy, high BPM / calorie burn with our lengthening, strengthening CardioSculpting phrases.), in addition to bringing back our seasonally appropriate studio favorites bikiniLOGIC and allongee OUTDOOR. 

Our schedule is always well-rounded, so those arm and leg-centric classes are also set to make significant appearances on our weekly schedule. See here. 


Our Free Class Friday for NEWBIES is back this month as well. Schedule your first class at allongee for free on First Friday March 4th. Sign up is now open, so click here to grab your first class on us and register for any class this Friday March 4th!