Let Us Kick Your @$$!


We're only halfway through our New Year New You Challenge, and we're here to help you #getallongee and get bikini-ready before it's too late! (although, when is it EVER REALLY too late?) 

 It takes about 6 weeks to begin seeing the major changes happen in your body; muscle structure change is a process in itself over the period of two weeks at a time, and a healthy balance of a purposeful (and enjoyable) diet and a cardio-focused fitness regimen (like allongee) will yield the best results.

In your last 45 days of our New Year New You Transformation Challenge (beginning on the date of purchase between 2/18-2/22/2016), you'll begin your Summer Body Transformation with enough time to earn your best bikini-bod by June! The Challenge ends at the start of April (45 days from your activation date of 2/18/-2/22/2016) which will allow for a great start to your Bikini Body Transformation with even more time to exceed your current goals by June!

Our March schedule will focus on Core & Waist as well as lengthening those arms and legs, all while (OF COURSE!) incorporating our amazing CardioSculpting with a little extra resistance from our CardioBarreBands. 

PLUS.. we're also here to help you save a buck or two! With two awesome options to fit every need, you're sure to be on the right track with either of the below choices. 

#getallongee 1-2 times per week and ease into your Summer Body Transformation with 5 Classes in 30 Days for just $99!

Or step it up into high gear and finish out our New Year New You Transformation Challenge with 45 Days of Unlimited allongee Classes for $189. 

Winners of each month's challenge receive discounts on cafe beverages, classes, and retail items! Click here to view this December's challenge winners. Stay posted for January's winners this afternoon!