Results: 2016 Pre-Holiday Challenge

Congratulations to all of our amazing allongee ladies that completed this year's Pre-Holiday Challenge, and to the many more that came just one or two classes away from completion as well! You all have kept your commitments to yourselves during this busy and often glutinous holiday season, and your body is already thanking you! Your energy is ever-inspiring, and we are so happy to be ringing in the New Year with you! Remember-- we've got just under two weeks until 2017-- let's keep it up & finish this year STRONG!

Now, what you've all been waiting for...

The Results!

1. L. Moreno  -- 18 Classes

Lauren got into a whopping 18 classes per month during this year's Challenge- that's a new record; go Lauren! Your energy in class is always exceptional, and your form is consistently something that newbies aspire to. We're beyond happy to reward your strength and commitment with a FREE 30 Day Pass to start off the New Year! Go Lauren! 

1. J. Claar -- 17 Classes

Jessica has been with us for quite a few years now, and this award has been long awaited and well deserved. Jessica got into 17 classes this month, and most months of the year. Like most of us, Jess' crazy insane work/life schedule demands can definitely take a toll on our normal, health-centric daily schedules.  Jess- we have really enjoyed being a part of your process of figuring out how to consistently fit regular fitness into a ridiculously insane schedule. You're always amazing us; thank you for being such an inspiration. We're excited to begin yet another year with you! We're excited to reward your fabulous-ness with a FREE 2 Week Pass-- GO JESS!

Let's not forget...

Those ladies who worked so hard through this busy season, and completed or otherwise came SO CLOSE to completing this year's Challenge!