Meet MollyRose: Our Newest Allongee Instructor

MollyRose  is the newest member of our team at allongee! She has been taking class and training for quite a while now and taught her first kick-ass class this evening at 5:30PM! 

Molly is a native of Saint George, Vermont, not far from Candace's hometown- small world, huh?! Molly's favorite city is Montreal, but she has wound up with us in Philly while she goes back to school for Physical Therapy. 

Molly has taught skating/figure skating for many years, and is so happy to get back to sharing her knowledge of anatomy and it's relation to our technique with our amazing clients. 

Her teaching style is relaxed in demeanor but focused on keeping the energy in the room at a high while keeping everyone's form in A+ shape. 

You may have met Molly at Zahav where she currently works full-time as a Host, or in Old City enjoying the outdoors. Her favorite activities include figure skating, trying new foods, and exploring new places.

Fun Facts: She is fluent is French (go Molly!)

She was born with one less tooth in her bottom jaw!

She has a goal to visit all 7 continents

Welcome, Molly - We are so excited to have a new and fresh member of our ever-expanding & always-fabulous team of allongee ladies! 

Register for Molly's classes here & meet her this week!