allongee Summer Vacation

This week, allongee is on Summer Vacation and we will be offering a condensed schedule. We've kept the classes up that are most attended so as to avoid effecting anyone and everyone's Summer Challenge schedule!

Here's the schedule below:


You can #getallongee this Monday at 6pm with Shelby in an upperbodyLOGIC class and a bikiniLOGIC class taught by Kelly at 7:15pm.

Tuesday we’ll have a MashUp class at 6pm with Candace and then at 7:15PM we'll be hosting our Bey Body Intervals class with Robin Gillespie. 

(Bey Body Intervals will return to its normally scheduled time next week; Wednesdays 6:15-7:15PM)

Our Wednesday early risers can get into a GAMS class at 6am with Erica and then we will have another GAMS class at 6pm with Shelby.

Thursday and Friday's schedules are tentative as of currently. Here's what we've got so far. 

Thursday Shelby will be teaching a total body class at 9:45am  and Candace will be teaching a MashUp at 6pm followed by an Upperbody class  at 7:15pm.

Friday #getallongee at 6am with Erica in bikiniLOGIC, and then our tentative Friday schedule is as follows: Core Cardio at 7:15am, UpperbodyLOGIC again at 8:30am, Vinyasa at 9:45am, Power Half-Hour at 12:15pm, UpperbodyLOGIC at 4:45pm, and GAMS at 6pm.

Our studio schedule will be back in full force no later than Saturday 7/18.

Saturday we’ll have cardioLOGIC at 8:30am, derriere at 9:45am, Upperbody 11am, and our Open Ballet Workshop at 12:30pm.

Sunday, be sure to get your UpperbodyLOGIC in at 8:30am, Vinyasa Yoga with Ella at 9am, our Couple’s Class will make it's debut this Saturday  at 10am, and finally our Open Ballet Workshop at 12:15pm.

Make sure you reserve yourself a spot so you can #getallongee #noexcuses #womensfitness #healthyliving #allongeesummervacation #nodaysoff