FREE Classes This Week!

This week, we're running two FREE classes to introduce our newest allongee technique instructors, Candace Cihocki and Shelby Glidden. Both of these ladies should be familiar to you all. Candace is here at the studio on Fridays teaching Yoga and Pilates. Shelby is here at the studio pretty often, taking classes with Jillian in addition to assisting our studio in operations.

They've been working their behinds off training on our allongee curriculum for a few months now, and they are so ready to go! 

Candace will be teaching a FREE class this Thursday 7/2 at 5:45PM.

Shelby will be teaching a FREE class this Sunday 7/4 at 12:00PM

In order to register for these classes, please send an email to Space is limited, so please notify us as soon as possible if you plan to attend. Alternately, you may submit the below form to reserve your space and we will send you a confirmation email once your reservation's been made in our system. 

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