This Juice is HOT HOT HOT!

We have TWO  new ORGANIC cold-pressed juices on our roster this week. One is  a spicy lemonade from our friends at Pangaea Juice Co. It may be just mildly spicy, but it is HOT HOT HOT for a number of other reasons!

This Spicy Lemonade is a sultry concoction of lemon, purified water, hot Thai pepper, and agave nectar. With Thai pepper, It’s a super juice that works to speed up your metabolism, boosts your energy, detoxes your body, and is a great source of vitamin c! Be sure to stop by and try it!

How does it speed the metabolism? All hot peppers naturally contain capsaicin which is believed to serve as both a metabolism stimulant in addition to an appetite suppressant. 

Our second new juice is Pangaea's Miracle Tonic. This juice is packed with Vitamins A, B, and C, calcium and beta-carotene.It is a delicious blend of vibrant carrot, crisp apple, celery, lime, and fragrant ginger. 



Writer: Shelby GIidden, with contributions by Jillian Dreusike.