COUPLES Class is here!

This is one that I am especially excited about!

You ladies are at the studio day in & day out working your butts off, and now our guys FINALLY have a chance to see what exactly it is that you do to #getallongée! He probably does not believe you when you tell him of the physical strife you put your body through in class (in the best of ways, of course!). Now he has the chance to experience the fierceness that we call allongée! 

We've done it in private lessons before; it's fun (and hilarious!), and now we're happy to announce that this Couple's Class event will be on our weekly schedule every Sunday beginning July 19th! 

Email us for more info, or register here.


Pricing Option Information: Couples Classes are not transferrable. A single class purchase ($36) is valid for admission for (2) adults into (1) Couple's Class.