No, but it really is. 

Everything we've chosen to carry here at our studio has been carefully and selectively sourced- from our clothes to our juice to our coffees and teas. We believe that all things should be organic and made with the freshest local ingredients that can be found. 

We've been sold on Cold Pressed juice for a while now, mostly because of the nutritional benefits. Without any blades or motors that produce heat during the juicing process, the juice is able to be extracted from the fruits/veggies/nuts in the most efficient way possible. This also means that none of the enzymes or proteins in the fruits/veggies are lost during the juicing process. 

We're loving our new line of juices from Pangaea Juice Co. They are locally sourced, organic, and of course Cold Pressed! One of the things that I really love is the thicker texture they have- because it means very good things! Many times with cold pressed juices, a good deal of fiber is lost during the juicing process. The thicker texture ensures that there is more fiber in the juice, that the pulp is run through the juicer again and again until it runs dry. 

These juices will also soon be offered as part of a cleanse program. More details coming soon, but please feel free to email us at