Yoga & Pilates: On The Schedule!

By: Jillian Dreusike with contributions by Molly Neill

It's been awesome seeing so many new faces at the new studio! First and most importantly, thank you for your support. This is all so amazing, and we would not be here without you all! We're continuing to provide you with awesome services, and we're always looking to further our services as greatly as possible! 

The first thing we're doing is offering a selection of Pilates, Yoga & Hot Yoga just about every day of the week. This schedule is continuing to expand and we'll be sure to keep you in the know on any additions (I foresee more evenings in the super near future  :). Please continue to check our schedule via the reserve page of our website. 

Now, let's talk the benefit of this for all of us. I can tell you first hand that Yoga and Pilates provide some major benefits to your training elsewhere. Just like ballet training improves posture, flexibility, and coordination, so do  Yoga and Pilates. Different muscles are being used in different ways; with these additional classes, we're able to provide you with an amazingly balanced and well-rounded training program. 

Yoga and Pilates classes offer benefits different from our proprietary allongee classes including, but not limited to relaxation and meditation (mental benefit), focus on breathing (which ties into the mental relaxation benefits), and a focus on flexibility with a heated room to assist in better expansion and lengthening of the focused muscle groups.

Classes are taught by an array of instructors that are new to us at allongee. We sought out certified instructors that teach all over the city and abroad in order to get different styles onto our roster, providing you with a versatile beginning to our Yoga and Pilates program. 

Our yoga and Pilates classes are suitable for newbies as well as for our veteran allongee ladies! View the schedule page of our website to view the current full yoga and pilates class offerings.