WaistAway is Back for February!

Back by popular demand, our WaistAway class is back on the schedule this month to get you ladies ready for our post-Resolution Challenge (details coming SOON!)

We're aiming to get those summer bodies back before winter's end, so that very first beach day doesn't sneak up on us; instead, you're anxiously waiting for it, beach bod on standby. 


With our tummy-tucking core-focused mat work, you'll begin to feel the burn from the moments you begin our sculpting phrases (raise the "barre", and the HEAT with our allongée® apparel Heat-Trapping Pants/Shorts). After 20 minutes of belly-thrashing mat work, you'll begin our proprietary allongée® WaistAway Cardio phrases, inclusive of high intensity, low impact barre work & center phrases!

Click here to schedule now!

Pictured: Jillian Dreusike in Heat-Trapping Shorts via Jillian's  iPhone