December Prima Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to the below ladies for completing the Pre-Holiday Prima Challenge! There were so many more of you that came so close, and you ladies also deserve some accolades. 

Holidays are my favorite time of year, but they're also undoubtedly the most difficult time of year to maintain your fit lifestyle. There is just so much to do to prep for holiday gatherings with friends and families, shopping, decorating, cooking; the list goes on and on... and there are still only 24 hours in the day! (AND less daylight, of course, is NOT helping!)


These six ladies kept pushed through the Thanksgiving holiday and all of the Pre-Holiday *craziness* , managing to keep their fit lifestyle in check, with a little help from ambition and persistence. It becomes an issue of what you choose to make time for each day- although some days are definitely easier than others. Set your goal, don't look back, and reach it. That's what these ladies did, and they've more than earned their Prima Benefits for the next month! Prima Benefits include discounts on classes, cafe, and retail items, as well as freebies!

You ladies are amazing, beautiful, and an inspiration to us all! 

Your next chance to earn Prima Status is next month! Enrollment begins Monday 12/28 and ends after Monday 1/4/2016.