Barre Socks: NOVEMBER 15th! Mark the date on the calendar!

After a long while of going back and forth, weighing the benefits and what not, we've come to a decision at allongee that has been made with your health and safety in mind. Beginning November 15th, any and all students taking class at our studio MUST be wearing a pair of barre socks. Barre socks are not regular crew socks, but rather have sticky pads on the bottom of the sock to grip the floor underneath you and provide greater protection from slips and falls in class. They can be full socks or toe-less. We have them available for purchase at the studio; prices range between $8-$15 per pair. 

We've been weighing the positives and negatives of implementing this policy for a while. The truth is, it's a standard in our industry, and with some thought it became very clear why. Classes happen sans-shoes so the foot is forced to move more and work harder.

By being shoe-less, you're working muscles that don't get the chance to work under the constraints of shoes. Because you're all barefoot for class, the most important reason is the hygienic factor. There are A LOT of you ladies coming in and out of here every day. We run a lot of classes; we work really hard to keep our studios clean. Preventative measures are of utmost importance. 

Additionally, you're protecting your feet from the wear and tear of moving on the floor. Especially our newer ladies feel this, as our more veteran clients have had the chance to toughen up the feet. 

SAVE THE DATE! November 15th is the start to a safer experience at allongee! (And the socks are pretty darn cute, too!) Pre-order by emailing us at or simply purchase on your next studio visit!