Motivate with our Pre-Holiday Challenge!

This month of November, we've decided to mindfully (that's kind of what we're all about at allongee) put together a 30 Day Pre-Holiday Motivation Challenge. 

Everything at allongee is mindful- it's all based on exercise science, from the workouts to the accessories, to the juices and even the challenges. After the past few weeks hearing allongee lady after allongee lady hunkering down for the holiday season with future-body anxiety, we've come up with a plan, and rest assured that we've got you covered! Use this next 30 days to jump-start your metabolism for the holiday season. 

Sign up for our Pre-Holiday Challenge at our front desk and be eligible for awesome prizes like FREE coffee, tea and juice and a chance to win FREE classes and discounts on retail items!


As time goes on (and we experience more months/years of stress), our muscle mass decreases and our resting (and active) metabolic rates slow. While this is a natural occurence in the body, it can most definitely be significantly offset with a bit of what we like to call "informed effort". 

By exercising regularly, you'll create a kind of schedule for your body, and your body will be forced to follow it. Muscle uses (and burns) more calories than fat does; so just by strength training alone, you'll ensure yourself a more efficient workout every time. 

Your cardio training will ensure strong cardiac muscles that will help to increase your resting metabolic rate. Every allongee class is designed to create lasting physical and more importantly physiological results!