Our Newest Class: allongee BURN!

In honor of Thursday BURN!day at allongee, this blog is all about the Burn! This new class has been created to provide you ladies with a super-cardio class, with the cardiovascular portion of class taking up 45-55 minutes of your class time. 

It's a total body cardio-sculpting workout, so you'll be burning fat and calories (and transforming your body in record time)! You'll ensured to get over 20 minutes or more of fat-burning time in this class-- that's a big deal. 

There are a few new movement phrases mixed in with our signature choreography phrases that you see in our other classes, making this class a bit like a mashup, but a cardio mashup!

If you're looking for an extra challenge, pop on those leg and arm weights and make it happen!  #iwillwhatiwant