Cold-Pressed Is Better!

Cold pressed truly is better! Instead of all those crazy-fast moving parts that a typical juicer utilizes to crush your fruits and veggies, a cold presser uses hydraulic pressure to extract juice. This creates less heat production, less enzyme disruption, and makes for an overall more nutritious juice!

We're newly stocking Towner's Juices from Fishtown in Philly. We are all about local and organic produce, seasonally changing menus, and most importantly about sourcing the freshest ingredients available. So are they! 

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Our favorite feature this week is "Dr. Greenthumb"  made with spinach, greenleaf, honeydew, pear and mint. It's one of Jillian's personal favorites, breaking away from the typical green super-juice and bringing in a lighter tasting greenie that is just as fibrous and nutritious as your typical "grassy" greenie; without that grassy taste! With the end of honeydew season upon us, this juice will not be available for much longer- so come and get it while you can!