#getallongée with Vinyasa!

With all of the new class times up on the schedule, I can honestly say that I am most anxiously anticipating the newfound regularity of our allongée® Vinyasa class!!

Making regular appearances on Fridays at 9:45am, as well as on Sundays from 11a-12p (intermittent weather for outdoor =  Vinyasa ), both in Old City.

Utilizing the Vinyasa movement flow is both unique and extremely useful to our bodies. We're building strength through the positions while also increasing pliability and flexibility of our muscles. Additionally, the continuous flow of movement combined with the muscle actions of our small and big muscle groups is…

… YOU GUESSED IT! Cardio! Yes, our Vinyasa class may stem from Yoga practice; but it is most definitely an hour of cardiovascular activity. We're contracting, we're downward-dogging, and we're balancing yogi-style, all through our breath to trigger our cardiovascular system. It's why for me, this class is a total win-win

Haven't had the chance to try allongée® Vinyasa yet? Whether you're a devoted yogi, or it's your first introduction to the yoga positions, you don't want to miss out on this fabulous class! Sign up on the Reserve page of our website : www.allongeetechnique.com