What better way to Eat Your Seasons than to support your local Farmer’s Market?!

Old City, let’s go!

Get your local farmer’s goods, Tuesdays off of 2nd Street on Church Street (right around the block from our OC studio!)  until Thanksgiving week, 2PM-7PM!

Some Fabulous Farmer’s Markets by Neighborhood in Philadelphia:

Rittenhouse: Tuesdays, 10a-1p at 18th & Walnut

Year Round * Accepts Visa and Mastercard!: Saturdays, 9am-3PM at 18th and Walnut streets

University City: Wednesdays 10am-3pm; 36th Street at Walnut Street

Market East: Thursdays, 11am-3:30pm; Chestnut Street at 10th.

West Girard: Saturdays, 10am-1pm; NW corner of 27th & Girard Ave.