Eating Your Seasons


Thankfully, in recent years Americans have become more aware of the potentially harmful and wasteful processes that take place in order to get their dinner from farm to table. In many cases, the journey your food makes just to get to you is a super long one. This is one of the many reasons eating your seasons is awesome! Here are some reasons why eating seasonal is so beneficial!

Reduce Energy Use and Carbon Dioxide Emission- Less distance to travel for an out of seasonal fruit or veggie the less pollution in our delicate atmosphere.

Support Your Local Economy- Eating in season goes hand in hand with eating local. When you eat items that are readily available in your area you help to the local economy grow!

Rekindle your Connection with Mother Nature- How good does it feel to eat with the earth provides at the time that it's actually in season. It's only natural!

Give Your Body and Tastebuds What They Deserve- Seasonal food is fresher hands down, and because of this it is also more nutritious and yummy.

So what's in season now?

Check out these awesome sites to find out!