Fitness Date Night

couple workout

Dinner and a movie? Eh. It's tried and true but not exciting enough to keep up with today's modern couple. So why not, instead of sitting for 2 hours snacking on popcorn and candy, get up and get moving. Trust us you can still flirt while breaking a sweat!

Go row a boat. Think Noah and Allie's boat ride from The Notebook minus the rain and swans. What's more romantic than being alone together surrounded by water and beautiful scenery, not to mention that it's a amazing upper body workout.

Hike together. Great views and a great workout. Pack a light lunch and explore mother nature while spending some quality one-on-one time. Hiking is an awesome way to build lower body strength, improve your balance and mood!

Partner Yoga. The health benefits of yoga are obvious but another plus for couples in particular is the strengthening of your connection. Couples yoga can improve or reawaken your emotional connection and trust, while also improving flexibility and strength.

Play a sport. Basketball, Golf, Volleyball whichever is your cup of tea include your partner and make it into a great time to bond and stay healthy. Plus there's nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to keep things fun and exciting.