#motivationmonday: Excuses, Excuses, Excuses


WE ALL DO IT. We find the smallest, most insignificant reason to not exercise. It's ok, admit it. Getting up to workout is half the battle, so in honor of #motivationmonday we're throwing all the sad excuses out on the table, and then out the door.

I don't have the time.

Did you know it only takes 30 minutes of exercise to start seeing changes in strength and fitness? 30 minutes a day people! C'mon we know that if instead of zoning out on TV after work you could make life changes just by switching that time into a workout. What's more important, the Friends re-run or your summer bikini body?

I have the kids with me all the time.

We all know that children are exhausting at times so why not turn that minus into a plus and get moving with them! Can't hit the gym? Then make your own workout and include your kids! Not only is this a great way to make time for your personal health but it's also a great way to spend time with your kids while having fit fun.

I'm too tired.

This is the last resort. When you have a spare hour, no kids or other responsibilities around there's nothing that sounds better than a nice quiet nap. Workouts actually give you more energy and can give you that second wind you so desperately need. Still feeling sluggish? Maybe you are working out at the wrong time of day for you. Try working out at different points in the day you may find better results occur when you are working out at the right times for your body.

Source via WebMD